Beauty Treatments

Here you will find a list, details and prices for our facials, airbrush make up, ear pricing, body wraps, eyelashes(cluster and individual) and hopi ear candles.


We now stock pharmagel skin products and supply new pharmagel facials.

Mini Facial £20.00, Takes 25 mins.

This is great for a quick freshen up of the skin, to make it look brighter and re hydrate before the big night out or just to cheer your skin up, we will do a cleanse to get rid of all the dead cells and dirtiness in pores, tone to close all pores, and moisturise to re hydrated and stop bacteria getting in.



Cluster lashes, great for the party that you are going to for the night or the volume you’re after! These come in a range of lengths, ranging from short, medium and long. These take £20 minutes to do and we charge £25 we can also infill them if you look after them for £15.

Individual eyelashes are great! You don’t have to worry about puting mascara on for weeks! A single hair is place on your single hair, we have a range of different lengths but this is a long process so you would need spare time, this take 2 hours and we charge £70 and infills are charge at how long/how many you need put back in so a consolation before having infills will give you a better price!

Hopi Ear Candles


These are a great way of flushing your lymphatics along with getting rid of those clogged up ears, with hopi ear candles, we are releasing the pressure that is in the ears cause by colds or infections. We also provide a mini facial at the end to help drain any blocked/back up parts.

Please click here to see our full price list of beauty treatments – Anything from Eyebrow Threading to Acrylic Nails.


Airbrush Make Up

This is a great way to have a flawless look for any occasion for 24 hours.


Get yourself ready for your wedding or parties or even prom with our great make up! We also offer trials for you to see what you like and what you want to add!

Price Trial
Proms £50.00 £30.00
Weddings £50.00 £30.00
Occasional £30.00 £15.00

Body Wraps


A quick and easy way to loose inches fast! And a nice way to relax. We apply a volcanic clay and wrap you up, we then put you in a steam tent. This helps loose those inches, great for on the day if you’re going out!

Deep Facial

This is great for a bit of relaxation time from the kids! We will do a deep cleanse to lift any dirty or make up and the dead skin cells, we will then exfoliate your skin, this will help remove any stubborn dead skin cells that won’t budge with just a cleanse. After this we will apply a steam or hot towels to help remove impurities from your pores, after this we will apply a toner to close all pores.

After this we will do a massage, this will help if you have a cold as we can drain this through your lymphatic system, it will also increases your blood flow and skin will appear more plumped and fresh looking. Once finished with will apply a moisturiser to stop any dirty or bacteria from entering your skin.

Ear Piercing


A quick and pain free way of having your ears pierced. We use a gun that’s quick and easy and we offer a range of ear jewellery. We also include numbing cream & cleaning solution for after your treatment. We charge £25 for this service.